What is BDIX?

BDIX full meaning is Bangladesh Internet Exchange. Which is a local exchange point where local Internet Service Providers to connect and share data to keep local data local.

What is FTP Server?

FTP Server full meaning is File Transfer Protocol Server, where user can download files with Local data transfer speed.

I can't access my Internet. How do I contact Support Center?

You can connect our Support Center by call +8801911818000 or You can email us support@sisbdisp.com.


I want to suspend my connection for few month. Is it possible?

We are sorry, We have only permanent disconnection option.

Is there any installation cost?

Yes, We called it OTC (One Time Cost).

Will I get FTP access?

If you are directly connected through Star Internet Service (Without NTTN such as fiber@home, Summit or others) You will get FTP Access with smart amount of download bandwidth.

Do I need a dial-up modem and telephone line?

No. There is no phone line or dial-up data modem required to use your Star Internet Service.