Our Data Connectivity is based on both L2 and L3 network. It is a comprehensive solution that responds to the needs of today’s unique business. Our data Connectivity is a highly scale able up to 1Gbps Per Location and secure solution that truly allows you to communicate all of your applications, end-users and support infrastructure onto a single network. We offer wide range of dedicated Bandwidth options starting from 5Mbps as per customer requirement.

  • Fiber Connectivity
  • 100% Dedicated
  • Power Backup
  • Multiple Upstream
  • Unlimited Data
  • L 2 & L3 Connection
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Point to Multi Point
  • Point to Multi Point

Corporate Data Connectivity

We don’t have any Predefined Packages. Every Business is different and every different business need different connectivity solution. We have technical expert to understand your need and design a proper solution for your business communication. Our Team is always ready to help you.


  • Data connectivity available starting from 5 Mbps to 1000Mbps
  • No data caps on any connection
  • Enough speed to support all the devices in your Office or home
  • Advance Security
  • Fiber optic connection direct to your location
  • High accessibility
  • 98.5%+ Up time guaranteed
  • Pro Active Monitoring system